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What is Saladbox?

Saladbox is Philippines' first and leading discovery subscription box*. We are a 360-degree beauty and lifestyle discovery service. Subscribe to our discovery service and receive a regular delivery of the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products from the best brands in the world. In the Saladbox Shop, you can find full-size versions of the products sampled as well as other editor approved products from a vast list of brands. Saladbox also features original editorial content designed to educate and inspire consumers, from how-to videos to beauty and style articles to influencer collaborations. Saladbox's innovative approach allows brands and consumers to connect in a unique, intimate, and fun way. 

I read from a post/advertisement that the box contents are "samples only". What does that mean?

It means two things: (1) we send out samples of beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products - sometimes full-size products, but oftentimes in sample sizes and (2) the products inside the subscription boxes may not exactly be the ones pictured in some of the ads you see, as we send out different assortments of samples per box and per month. The samples you will receive are based on the current box edition theme (e.g. Best of Benefit for the September 2016 Benefit Cosmetics exclusive box, Pretty Fixes, Fresh Start) and your beauty or grooming profile.

How often do you send out your subscription boxes?

For the women's box, delivery is every month, while the delivery for the men's box is every other month.

What can we expect from the upcoming Saladbox Shop?

Expect a huge selection of beauty, grooming, style, and lifestyle products from the best brands in the world. We're launching the Saladbox Shop soon!

What are your payment methods?

We accept payments for both subscriptions and Shop orders through credit card, PayPal, or bank deposit.

For bank deposit or fund transfer, we require each customer to send a photo of the deposit slip or fund transfer confirmation as proof of payment. Banks we have accounts in are Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Banco de Oro (BDO), and Chinabank.

We also accept payments via PayPal. Upon Checkout, click the "PayPal Checkout" button, and you will be redirected to the PayPal site. Log in your account and pay for your order.

Lastly, we accept credit cards. Though this payment method is coursed through PayPal, one can opt to not register and/or log in at PayPal. Just click the 
PayPal Checkout button in the Checkout page, and, once you're redirected to the PayPal website, enter your credit card details to finalize your purchase. PayPal won't store any of your credit card details. We won't receive any of your credit card details either.

Can you please explain the process from payment to shipment?

Sure! The process starts with a successful payment confirmation (either via credit card, PayPal, or bank deposit), then packing of your order and, lastly, shipping from our warehouse in Marikina to your doorstep.

Once we receive proof of payment (via email), an order reservation for your box or Saladbox Shop purchase is put in with the warehouse. 

The packing process for Saladbox Shop orders usually takes a couple hours max. For the subscription boxes, we ship out the boxes every 3rd-4th week of the month, as our warehouse crew works hard to position each product delicately in your Saladbox, while making sure the presentation is impeccable. Kindly note that sometimes there may be shipping delays and/or product back-orders due to a stall involving the vendor/brand fulfillment process or, usually, a delay in the process of our logistics partner.

Once the package leaves the warehouse, you can email us to track and monitor its delivery progress.


*Based on the number of boxes shipped monthly.




I forgot my password. Help!

If you’ve forgotten your password, click “Forgot Your Password?” in the Log In Page. You will receive an email at the address associated with your account.

Not receiving the email? It's possible that you used a different email associated with your account or there's a typo in your email address in our system. Please email regarding the matter and we’ll help you fix your account.

Can I change my email address?

Here's how to update your email address:

  1. Visit your Account Dashboard while logged in your account
  2. Click "Edit Contact Information"
  3. Enter your new info and click "Save"

How do I change my delivery address?

To change your delivery address, you need to do TWO STEPS: first, follow the instructions in the next question. Second, send an email with your old and new addresses to with subject "ATTENTION: Change in Shipping Address".

Can I add or delete an address?

Yes! Here's how:

  1. Visit your Account Dashboard while logged in your account
  2. Under Contact Information, click Manage Addresses
  3. Click “Edit Address”
  4. Enter your new info and click “Save”




How much does a box cost?

Women's box. There are three Saladbox subscriptions: Starter Plus Plan (a 3-month package for PhP1,800 (PhP500/month + monthly flatrate shipping fee of PhP100)), Six-Month Prepaid Plan (PhP3,300; PhP500/month + FREE shipping on your first three boxes), and One Year Prepaid Plan (PhP5,500; PhP500/month + FREE shipping + FREE twelfth box).

Men's box. There are three Saladbox Man subscriptions: Saladbox Man Single (1-box package for PhP600 + shipping fee), Saladbox Man Starter (3-box package within a 6-month period for PhP1,800 + FREE shipping), and Saladbox Man Patriot (6-box package within a 12-month period for PhP3,000 + FREE shipping + FREE sixth box).

All subscriptions are prepaid. 

Can I try just one box?

Women's boxes are only available as part of a subscription, therefore, ordering just one box is not considered a subscription anymore. If you’d like to try Saladbox, we recommend our shortest subscription plan: Saladbox Starter Plus. As for the men's box, there is an available one-box plan: Saladbox Single.

Can I return my Saladboxes?

Saladboxes are nonrefundable and are ineligible for returns.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Saladbox and Saladbox Man Yearly Subscription and 6-Month Subscription can only be cancelled before we start shipping out the boxes for your first month. Saladbox 3-Month Subscription and Saladbox Man Single cannot be cancelled once payment is done.

How long before I can get my refund after cancelling my susbcription?

Refunds will be processed within 10 working days.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

If a current subscriber wants an upgrade, just send an email at and our Operations team will assist you.

I subscribed on January 25. Will my first Saladbox be the January or February edition?

The month that you order in is the first month that you will receive. For example, if you subscribe any time between January 1-25, your recurring subscription will begin with the January box. The only exception to this rule would be if the monthly box sold out before the end of the month.

If a specific monthly edition is sold out, you will be in line for the next month's box. We also reserve the right to change a monthly edition, limited edition, or promotion at any time without notice (including after an order has been submitted or acknowledged). We do not guarantee that all products described on our website will be available. In its place, we will ship a special edition of the Classic Saladbox (the cute Saladbox Pink box), which is comprised of our top 5 items over the most recent months.

What happens when a box is sold out?

Unfortunately, popular box editions get sold out pretty fast at times, as supplies are limited. In its place, we will ship the Classic Saladbox edition in the Saladbox Pink box, which will be comprised of our 5 top-rated items. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed!

When will my box ship?

Delivery of the women's box is within 2nd half of every month. As for the men's box, delivery is usually within 3-7 working days after payment confirmation.

How do you ship boxes?

Saladboxes with Metro Manila and Luzon island delivery addresses are ground-shipped via Xend. For provincial deliveries that need to be transported to local provicial provider, Xend hands off the boxes to a 3rd party logistics for final delivery.

Can I have my Saladbox tracked?

Of course! Just email and someone from our Operations team will track your box for you.

Are past Saladboxes available for sale?

Unfortunately, our past Saladboxes are not available for sale. Be on the lookout for more exciting monthly boxes coming up! And grab the chance to buy the box edtion you want so you won't miss out!




What will I receive in my Saladbox each month?

Each month, your box will include five samples from a variety of beauty or grooming categories. Samples are generously sized so you’re able to make an informed decision before purchase. We’ll always include a note card and product menu card for more details on the samples we’ve chosen for you.

What categories of products will my boxes include?

Each women's box will include a mix of the following categories:

  • Bath and body
  • Fragrance
  • Haircare
  • Makeup
  • Nail
  • Skincare
  • Lifestyle products

Saladbox Man boxes will include:

  • Skincare
  • Shaving and/or beard products
  • Hair products
  • Lifestyle accesories including but not limited to tech gear, clothing, and more

Will I know what will be inside my box? 

Here at Saladbox, we pride ourselves on providing moments of joy to our subscribers through the pleasant surprise they feel everytime they open their box. We found that subscribers actually enjoy the anticipation and suspense prior to receiving their monthly boxes. So as to not deprive anyone of this pleasure, we have decided to not reveal the full contents of each month’s box until a few days before it ships. We release Sneak Peeks a few days before we ship out the boxes. If you would like to gather a general idea of what’s in our past boxes, you can take a look at our previous beauty and grooming boxes.

What is a Sneak Peek? 

Our Sneak Peek videos or posts offer a preview of the upcoming month's sample assortments. You can watch our Sneak Peek videos via our YouTube channel and see our posts on our Instagram or Facebook accounts. 

Will I be able to choose the samples I will receive?

You’ll be able to choose one of your samples each month through Sample Select. Sample Select is sent monthly via email.

What Is Sample Select?

Sample Select gives you a chance to choose one of the samples for your next box, which is a predetermined set of samples. Once Sample Select has begun for the upcoming box, you’ll be able to make your selection in the link we send via the Sample Select email (be sure to watch out for our Sneak Peek videos and posts to find out the Sample Select products for each month). Please note, however, that there is a cut-off for this, and we will be sending out boxes at random once the Sample Select cut-off has passed.

I didn't receive the sample I selected.

Our product samples each month have limited stocks only. That means that the other subscribers beat you on the sample you wish to have. Our advice is to submit your Sample Select choices as soon as the Sample Select email arrives in your inbox.

What should I do about a missing/damaged product sample?

If you experience any issues with missing or damaged items, you must email within 3 days from the date of receiving the merchandise. For a lost box or box showing as delivered not received, the subscriber must contact us within 7 days from the ship date. Any complaints received after the timeline given will not be eligible for a refund or replacement.

Be sure to provide images of any damage for Quality Assurance purposes. Once we receive the image, we will be able to address the warehouse with this error and offer replacement options.

What if I receive the same product twice?

We make every effort to create an exciting mix of products in every Saladbox. In some rare instances, an individual product that has proven popular and well-loved in the past will make a re-appearance in your box.

I love the products in my Saladbox! Where can I buy them?

On each product’s individual product page (“This Month's Box”), you’ll find additional information about the product, plus a link to where you can purchase it.

I didn't like the products in my Saladbox. 

Our team of beauty experts works around the clock to gather the best products from all around the world that suit your needs. Each box contains an assortment of samples chosen to fit your beauty or grooming profile as best as we can. We also feature up-and-coming brands that are worth checking out. However, since individual tastes and preferences differ, we can’t guarantee you’ll like every single product in each month’s Saladbox. Please give the product a chance and try it. We hope the product will grow on you and you'll love it eventually.

I suffer allergic reactions after using one of products. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your Saladbox is free of certain substances or compounds since we feature different products every month. If you suffer from a known allergy against certain substances or compounds, we urgently recommend you to thoroughly review the ingredients of a respective product before using it.

How do I submit a product review?

To write a product review, simply log in your account and visit the detailed product page for the item you wish to review. Scroll down to the review template. Provide your name, rate the product, and write down your thoughts! Add a headline to your review. Then, click “send comment” and your review will be on its way. All comments received undergo an approval process and may take up to 72 hours to appear on Approved reviews will be published under your chosen nickname (i.e. internet handle). A review’s content will be rejected if it is irrelevant, uses offensive or insulting language, promotes outside interests, contains links, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate.




What is the Saladbox Shop?

Saladbox Shop is an upcoming e-commerce platform that will offer the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products from brands around the world.

When will you launch it?

The launch will be very soon.




What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank deposit via BDO, BPI, or Chinabank. We also accept credit card payments and PayPal.

What are my shipping options?

You’ll have a few shipping options when ordering full-size products from our Shop:

  • Regular Delivery (via Xend) 100PhP

For Metro Manila, delivery will take up to 1-3 business days.

For provincial, delivery will take up to 3-7 business days.

  • Express Delivery (Same Day Delivery via GrabExpress) 200PhP

Express Delivery is valid only on selected locations: Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Pasig, San Juan, Taguig, Pateros, Antipolo, Cainta, and San Mateo.

Payment Confirmation Cut-Off time for Express Delivery will be at exactly 12 noon.

What is Payment Confirmation Cut-Off?

Payment confirmation of order (sending of proof of payment + shipping details) under Express Delivery cut-off will be at exactly 12 noon. Payment should be made before 12 noon for orders to be processed and delivered within the day.

What Is your return policy?

We’ll take any product back within seven (7) days of your purchase. Since we are selling beauty products, we only have a return policy for damaged products, to protect the sanitation and quality of the products we carry. We strictly require sending a photo proof of damaged product at as soon as you receive your package. After this, we'll check with our logistics process and partner courier and get back to you with the status of your Return Request. 

Where do I enter my discount code?

You’re able to enter a discount code before checkout.

After clicking Add to Cart, you will be directed to the Shopping Cart page. Discount Code area will be found on the upper right corner of the Shopping Cart page. Once you typed your discount code, click “Apply”.

Can I cancel or edit my order?

Editing orders are not allowed once they've been placed. If you need to make changes or request cancellation, please reach out to us as soon as possible with the details and we'll do our very best to take care of it. 

What is your return policy?

We have 7-day return policy for full-size purchases only. We accept returns only for unopened and broken products. This is the case due to hygienic and sanitary reasons, as majority of the products we carry are beauty products. Returns are not applicable to subscription boxes.




Can I gift a Saladbox subscription?

Yes, you can purchase e-gift cards for the following terms: 3-month (PhP1,800), 6-month (PhP3,300) and the 12-month (PhP5,500) for women's subscription; 1-box (PhP880+100 shipping), 3-box (PhP2,640), and 6-box (PhP4,400) for men's subscription. You will have the option to print the e-gift card or email it to the gift recipient. Just click the GIFT option in the top menu.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do. Saladbox Gift Cards come in PhP1,000, PhP2,000, and PhP3,000 values. All these can be used in the Saladbox Shop. This can be redeemed for subscriptions too!