DIY Collage

“Stop complaining. Find a solution!” I hear that a lot in my head. As I get older, the bombardment of having to fix things add up on the daily. It seems like it’ll never end.  So it’s either you get angry and shout  “WTF?!” or find a solution.

I’m quite sure you’ve  heard of the phrase; “If you can’t handle the small stuff, don’t expect to handle the big stuff…” or something like that.  So, ok, there’s a ton of “small stuff” to handle, and that’s why, I thought of sharing with you some of the life hacks I actually do to help me get by on a day to day.  I thought of these for several reasons, but it all boils down to money and time. Rarely the abundance of the two but more the lack thereof.

Simple problem #1

You’ve been exercising for months preparing for summer (congrats!). You lost weight. (congrats!). People are happy for you (congrats!). You look HOT! (congrats!).  All your clothes are too big. (not good).  I have a quick solution at least for the pants for this post. Of course the automatic thing to do is to go shopping, or go to a tailor.  But what if you don’t have the budget, or the time to do it? And, you need to wear something now. Well well well, do not fret!  There’s…

Quick fix #1

Your pants are loose, wearing a belt a tad tighter crumples the pants’ waist area you look like a kindergarten boy.  Quick fix is, wear sweat pants underneath.  Advantages are, you don’t have to wash your pants because you won’t directly sweat on it. it’ll look better because it would seem like the pants are hugging your hips, butt, crotch and legs nicely. It wont fall down because the pants will cling on to your sweat pants and the sweat pants cling better to your body.  You can wear a belt without having to tighten it too much, less crumply then.  And, best of all, it didn’t cost you a thing, and you can wear them immediately.

Choose a shade of sweatpants closest to the color of your pants.  It’ll be warmer of course but, hey, it’s a quick fix.  Bring it to the tailor when you have time.

Simple problem #2

Your flat iron conked and your lucky shirt for the meeting in 1 hour is crumpled to the highest degree. Oh no!!! But well well well, don’t you fret, there’s…

Quick fix #2

diy 2

Hang your crumpled shirt.  Spritz it with water, then blast hot air from your hair dryer.  Stretch the crumpled area as you blow dry it then Voila!  Look ma, no more wrinkles!  If you have a hot shower, turn it on to as hot as it can get, hang the shirt beside it, close the door.  The steam from the hot shower will remove all that’s crumpled.  Or, if you have a gym membership that has a steam room, get inside it for a few seconds, wave your crumply shirt around, the creases and crumples will disappear like magic.

Simple problem #3

You’re genetically predisposed to having white hair at an early age.  That’s not a bad thing. But if you haven’t come to terms with that, and you feel like “I want my ebony black hair!”,  and your date happens in 10 minutes. Do not fret, there’s…

Quick fix #3

diy 3

If you have a wife, sister, mom, aunt, cousin, lady best friend, land lady, they probably have water proof mascara. Borrow it. If you’re comfortable with your sexuality, don’t explain, unless she asks. If she asks, then just say so.  “I want to have lashes like yours dah-ling!”.

Make sure it’s water proof. It will stiffen your hair a bit. Good thing about this is it won’t stain anything once it’s dry or won’t drip with sweat.  You can even put product. It washes off when you shampoo.  You can now go to your date and she (or he) won’t even notice it. Promise.  Groom your brows with it too.

Simple problem #4

It takes a while to lose your gut. Or maybe you are fit but not exactly there yet.  I usually hear complaints from people that the hardest part to lose is the lower tummy part, where the love handles are.  Well well well, do not fret, theres…

Quick fix #4

diy 4

If you happen to have a jock strap with a 5 to 6 inch waist band, use it!  Or take a quick trip to the nearest department store.  It’s cheap, around 250 to 500 pesos depending on the brand.  If you think losing your gut will take a while, buy 5. Wear one for each work day. Buy one that isn’t too tight because you might create a muffin top. Not good.  Just tight enough to keep your gut at bay.  It’ll support your nuts as well as your tummy.  Lose around an inch instantly. It’s less thick than that waist band you buy to help your mid section sweat, so it isn’t too obvious under a shirt. And it’s far cheaper than those compression shirts.

Simple problem #5

Your only boutonnière (that small flower thing you put in the button like hole by the tip of the lapel of your jacket), fell in the toilet and you have an event in an hour.  And you have to have that boutonnière because it’s so “in” you’ll feel naked without it.  Well well well, don’t fret, there’s…

Quick fix #5

You will need these:

diy 5

Cut the top leg part of the sock (any old sock, this one is a freebie from an airline) about an inch and a half.  Roll the cut part to create what seems to look like a rose. Place the rubber band on that side nearest to where you cut it. If you’re more creative, you can put dimples strategically to make it appear more “petally”.  Hook the hair pin by the elastic half way. Insert the hair pin and the tip of the bottom of the boutonniere  where the elastic is, in the button like hole of the lapel of your jacket.

diy 6


diy 7

Simple Problem #6

Your button down shirt fits perfectly. Except the neck part.  You can’t button the neck part. I have 5 shirts that are like that.  After several experiments, and suffocation, a light bulb moment!   I told you, Don’t fret…theres…

Quick fix #6

you will need:

diy 8

Get an elastic from that loom band bracelet you made 2 years ago. If you have a barong, most likely you have those little buttons that go with the cufflinks you bought.  Take one o’ that. Then, see below:

diy 9

Loop the elastic twice around the button. Slip the elastic around top button of your shirt. Wear the shirt then insert your silver button into the button hole on the opposite side. Then, cover with your tie.

Ta daaah!!!

diy 10

Loop the elastic twice around the button. Slip the elastic around top button of your shirt. Wear the shirt then insert your silver button into the button hole on the opposite side. Then, cover with your tie.

Ta daaah!!!

diy 11

Loom bands are better than the regular rubber band because it won’t constrict blood flow as much, if ever it does. You can adjust it to a comfortable circumference.  Or, you can buy the ones in the mall intended for that, hold the sleeves up, I don’t know what to call it. A “sleever-upper?”  But hey, why spend?

Simple problem #8

You love your perfume.  If you spray too little, it doesn’t last long.  If you spray too much, you would often hear people sneezing.  Well well well…ok you know what I’m going to say…

Quick fix #8

According to an article I read from this magazine “Into The Gloss” (among other articles); “Hair carries perfume the best. It also creates a beautiful sillage, which is  the scented trail left by the perfume wearer.”  So, to make it less over powering, mix it with your favorite unscented hair wax:

 diy 12

The possibility of it reacting chemically is inevitable, that could perhaps change the scent a bit. I didn’t notice anything, except, the scent lasted me a day, and I didn’t hear anyone sneeze when I’m around. Maybe the wax de-escalated the perfume scent as opposed to spraying it directly to hair.

Simple problem #9

The pair of shoes you ordered on ebay finally arrived!  But you’re not a size connoisseur so you don’t know the difference between UK and US sizes.  Oh no! It’s too big! (The shoes guys. Not the…ahem)  About a size bigger. Since you know what I’ll say (Don’t fret…) I’ll skip it:

Quick fix #9

diy 13

Go through your existing pairs of shoes and see if they have detachable insoles.  In my case, I saw a pair from my Sperry Topsiders.  It’s about half an inch thick at the heel part.  Slip it in your new “big” shoes and Ta daah!!!  Fits perfectly. PLUS, you’ll be a tad taller. If you’re 5’6″, you could be as tall as 5’8″ if the soles of your shoes are an inch and a half, add that to your insoles, haha! You could probably pass for a flight attendant. :-). Then, have a 5-inch pompadour hairstyle, you’ll probably pass for a model! Wow!

Simple problem #10

You want to enter your child in an online contest but you don’t have a nice enough photo of hers around and submission of requirements is about to close.

Quick fix #10

You will need a car shade, a lamp, a plain background, (I used a grey blanket).  Hang the blanket on the top of your door. Place the car shade in front of it, then place the lamp facing the car shade.  The light reflects / bounces, giving the skin a warm natural glow, concealing some imperfections. Get a chair, let you kid sit in front of the reflector/car shade, then voila!

 diy 14

Clean the photo with simple editing tools.  Remember to not over edit that it looks unnatural.  You can also have dark card boards placed on both sides of the subject to give a more prominent cheek bone, temple and jaw line shadow. However, Nothing beats having photos taken by professionals of course.

So, there you have it. I hope this blog post helps you in some way.  If it does, let me know. If you have suggestions and tips, share it here by writing on the comments section below.  ‘Til the next article, have a great day gents!