by Jay Marquez


I know a lot of 24 year olds who look 45. Aging gracefully is indeed one of the major goals by many if not all men on this earth. There is no magic pill or fountain of youth discovered to reverse aging, but the good news is, slowing down aging is in our hands and it isn’t as hard as you think. Reality speaks, we will all grow old. However, growing old gracefully is a mindset. See it as a gift, not a curse, we are not vampires right? Here are eight ways:



8 hours of sleep, no less, a little more if you’re really tired. This is when your body heals and repairs itself from your heart to your blood vessels. You run the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure diabetes and stroke among other ailments if you don’t sleep. Not to mention looking terrible, imagine those eyebags and enlarged pores, ew! So, when your body is telling you to sleep, don’t argue.



Get up and just do it. A little exercise is better than no exercise at all. Do it with friends, family, with your dog. Exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves your mood by the release of those endorphins or “happy” hormones and boosts energy. Take a thirty minute walk or run around the village everyday or every other day, do body weight exercises at home, dance like there’s no one watching, have regular sex, ahem, yes, that too. There are countless options to stay active, you have no excuse.



I’ll make this plain and simple. Stay away from processed food, empty carbs, too much salt and sugared drinks and for sure, after a few days, you will feel better. While you’re at it, go up a notch and try organic food (if you can afford it anyway). Stay away from red meat, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Cliché as it may be, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!



Your skin will love you for it. Drink 8 -eight ounce glasses per day, or what you call the 8×8 rule. Water maximises physical performance and brain function, prevent and treat headaches, relieves constipation, help treat kidney stones and help with weigh loss. Water is your internal moisturiser that will slow down the appearance of wrinkles. So drink up….NOW!!!



Use toners, cleansers, lotions, make-up that are free from allergens, parabens and preservatives free, non-comedogenic, free from dyes, phthalates, and patch tested. Use these as directed and you’ll be fine. Be cautious of having that extra glow because of these products but look terrible without it. So choose wisely. Read and research about the brand’s ingredients. I recommend VMV hypoallergenics and Benefit cosmetics.



Need I say more? Ok, three things. I’s bad, it’s bad, and lastly, it’s bad.



A glass of red wine they say is good for the skin and hair health. I said a glass, so that means just ONE glass. It contains Resveratrol that is said to be a really good anti-aging ingredient. You’re skin will glow! On your birthday, have two glasses, haha!



Safely and with one partner. It is a primal need that has to be met. It is actually unhealthy not to do it regularly. Needless to say, as human beings in a civilized society, certain standards should be kept; in privacy, with a person you respect and trust, and ultimately love. Ok, that’s being idealistic. Just be safe than sorry.



Even the smallest gesture can mean a lot to somebody. Helping a child or an elderly cross the street, opening the door for the ladies (chivalry is not dead), sharing your table in an already full restaurant, you know what I mean.



You attract what you think. Be happy, then happiness will come to you. Put things in perspective, like, even if something bad happens, see the positives in it, like see what you learned from it. Have a good work life balance. Hey, you don’t want to die working. YOLO, you only live once, so take charge, get that much needed vacation with friends and family. Being happy improves your work life, improves friendships, you’ll have a better social life, you will feel content and satisfied, and yes, look young and feel young.


See? All these I mentioned are just there for you to grab and take heed. Try it for a month, I swear (I know it’s bad to swear but what the heck), you’ll be a younger physically, emotionally, mentally better version of YOU after! Let me know of your experience OK? ’Til the next article, Cheers!