Times have changed and today’s generation have fully accepted that men too can be obsessed with taking care of themselves. Blackheads, breakouts, dandruff, razor bumps and the likes are some issues that can be frustrating to many. Rather than staying in and hide for the night, why don’t we address these issues with these 5 items we’ve listed down below!





Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Wash

Working all day makes our skin look tired and haggard. If you find yourself suffering from these, try giving your skin its needed energy charge. This facial wash is formulated with ingredients such as coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol. This facial wash energizes tired and haggard skin and gives your face a healthy and active glow.


Man Pomade

A lot of men are having trouble dealing with unruly hair. It is a common problem to everyone and there’s no exception. Man Pomade created a line of pomade with different level of hold and grease, all depending on what you need. Definitely something you can count on to keep your hair tidy and on-point.


VMV Shaving Cream

Most guys tend to use any shaving cream that’s available but just because it does its work, doesn’t mean it’s good. Some shaving creams can cause allergies and irritate your skin. VMV Shaving Cream is a softening, hydrating and anti-acne shaving cream with soothing, peppery-cool sensation. It has virgin coconut oil and glycerin to moisturize sooth and prevent razor burn. It’s a guarantee; it does its job well.


Toppcock Silver Masculine Leave On

It might sound new to some people but there’s actually a product to keep your Man Parts clean and fresh. It is a special gel that is easily absorbed by the skin. It neutralizes odor and amplifies your manliness while leaving no sticky residue.  Apply it after your physical activity, as needed or often as desired. It contains tea tree oil and aloe vera which is a natural healer and moisturizer that also helps with itch and rash.


Lemniscate Deo Soap

Men aren’t as meticulous as women when it comes to using separate soap for face and body, making this product the perfect choice.This soap is designed to control pimples while it makes skin soft, smooth, fair and protects your body from odor. It is enriched with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Potassium Alum.

Instead of spending on tons of different products, why don’t you just develop a daily routine with few trusted product that makes everything quick and simple?