Relationships evolve constantly but one kind of relationship that doesn’t change significantly (at least how it’s perceived); is the one with your Dad. Maybe it’s because of media, marketing or (at least) in the Philippines, we are generally used to having a patriarchal society. While Dad being the provider, he’s the one who goes out to work while Mom is the nurturing parent, staying home to take care of the children.

It’s about time for a paradigm shift. With egos at bay, especially now that equality is celebrated and while women can be as competent or even better at the corporate scene, maybe it’s just right that men, or in this case fathers, can be viewed as someone who could be as nurturing as mom.

Parenting is usually pictured from a mother’s view, but this is not to steal their thunder. Since June is where Father’s Day is, let’s give your dad the spotlight and let him know that he is half the picture. It’s about time to give him a little something. We’ve come up with 5 suggestions that he’ll surely appreciate.

Tip #1

On Father’s Day, let him have control over the TV at home and have him watch all the shows that he wants. Let him reign the sofa as if it’s his throne.

father's day

Tip # 2 

Personalized gifts are far better than the most expensive material thing available since this shows effort.A personalized card, with hand written messages will make the cut as long as it’s your genuine creation.

Greeting card

Tip # 3

Surprise your old man with front row tickets to his favorite game (if budget allows, or you can save up for this). A blind fold trick never gets old.


Have a Father’s Day celebration somewhere. This will also help your old man unwind from work. Also, a little entertainment won’t hurt. Write and read the poem you made, or any talent that can be showcased. If you can, end the day with a video presentation made dedicated to him. Get a box of tissues ready too!


Tip # 5

If you want value for money, get him a men’s subscription box like Saladbox Man. In this box, he will get a monthly supply of tried and tested grooming items and some accessories every two months. Saladbox Man has thought of what men need so that you or your dad won’t think twice.

This month, Saladbox will give bonus items from Stylex and AXN, a  cool Sony cable channel with programs men like. This month’s theme is “Seal The Deal” and the items included are: En Pierre bead bracelet, BlinQ Eyewear, Farmstay Snail Cream (to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines), Blackwater Sport #1 or Breeze body Spray, Stylex Hair Gel, Nivea Face Scrub, Nivea Invisible Deo, and a GetGo card (a lifestyle card that dad can use not only for free travel).

All new subscribers availing any of the subscription plans get the bonus items (2 months and 4 months) while the one-year subscription plan entitles the subscriber to 2 boxes plus the bonus items. Promo ends on June 30. How to subscribe? Just visit


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