So you got hammered last night, now what? Your head is pounding. Inebriated, you did everything you can including chugging liters of water, popped pills, it’s still not working. We know how you feel, you might be tempted to go down and grab a fat juicy burger but skip it, it’s not going to make you feel better, in fact it can make you feel worse. If you’re looking for the perfect hangover cure, these are the things you can do so you can get out of bed.

Cure #1

You might be thinking “why not greasy food?” it’s only going to add more inches on your waist; you probably want to fit into those jeans right? First, drink more water. Water will help you flush out alcohol so do it now. You’ll feel better after sweating it out by simply moving. You don’t have to get up and go to the gym, by just sweating you’ll win half of the battle to recovery.


drink water man


Cure #2

Better stick to good ol’ scrabled eggs. Eggs are rich in amino acids such as Cysteine and Taurine. These fighters will help you recover, boost liver function, and break down pesky acetaldehyde, which is causes headache so eat up.


scrambled eggs


Cure #3

Nothing beats a good bowl of hot chicken soup. Chicken soup contains water and sodium. It will help you fight dehydration and restore levels of sodium in your body. Yup, it’ll definitely make you feel better, maybe you can call your mom or maybe ask your girl to whip up a simple dish that you and her will definitely enjoy after a wild night out.

chicken soup

Cure #4

Drink Pedialyte. Yes. Pedialyte, even if it’s for kids. Its good for kids with hangover like you (kidding) If you need to go to work and run errands, drop by your nearest drugstore and buy a bottle and chug it, yeah, drink lots of it. It’s way better than Gatorade due to its high level of potassium and ions so you’ll feel recharged STAT.




These choices might sound counterintuitive but these are tried and tested hacks that can help you recover fast and take on the day so you’ll be more productive especially if you had a wild night out on a weeknight, so get up, move it, You’ll feel better in no time.