Haven’t you noticed that over the past years, TV shows are better watching than movies? Nowadays, TV shows are at par with blockbuster films it’s very understandable that the hype of streaming your most favorite series is worth the wait. Instead of streaming online, why not save your weeknights at home and catch up with the latest episodes on AXN?


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AXN, a Sony Company, who partnered with Saladbox man once again, is currently airing the latest episodes of Chilhood’s End and the latest season of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8



Waiting for the latest episode of NCIS? You might want to reschedule that late afternoon’s appointment so you can go home early, don’t forget to grab a bottle of beer and order pizza! So what’s new with Season 8? You might be keeping tabs on Deeks and Kensi, you might hear wedding bells soon. Callen is on a roll and you’ll finally meet his new love interest. Looking for some action? The team is still tracking the person who’s responsible for revealing classified information, so the team is bound to assign a new leader.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8, Every Tuesday at 9:45pm


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Cool (and scary) as it may sound, what if “good natured” aliens invaded our planet? Even if they care about the existence of humanity, won’t you feel skeptic of what their influence will be on your future kids? What if they start to dominate the wrong way? Based on Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, this series is about the amicable invasion of aliens by the mysterious Overlords. Their sudden arrival is for humanity to achieve utopia, but what would be the meaning of life if there were no challenges left?

 Childhood’s End, Every Friday at 10:40pm


Do whatever you need to do, tomorrow is another day. Better not miss out on the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows! Get home as soon as possible, sit down and grab that remote, only for AXN.