If you and your buddies are planning a night out, most likely you’d include booze on your itinerary. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on imported beers, why not encourage your buddies to try out local craft beers that have been around the market for a few years. After all, if they’re still brewing beer, they better be worth checking. We’ve rounded up 5 local craft beers that you and your buddies should definitely try!

Pedro – If you’re looking for a refreshing ice-cold beer, you might want to try this. Their first release was the famous Endless Summer Wheat Ale. A fruity beer that tastes best when ice-cold is the perfect beer after a long hot day; the fruity twist is good to pair with a big ol’ juicy cheeseburger. This pale ale has a low buzz that will make you and your buddies happy without getting a massive headache the day after.


pedro beer


Joe’s Brew’s Sierra Madre – This wheat ale is similar to Pedro’s Endless Summer but a touch fruitier; This has a low-to moderate buzz factor that won’t rock your head off but will keep you steady for a long night with your buddies. You might want to pair this with a hard shell taco; it’s the perfect complementary drink.


joe's brew sierra madre


Fat Pauly’s Dessert Rose – Don’t be ashamed if you appreciate anything rose. If you like your beer to have a floral twist with a moderate buzz, you will appreciate this. It’s pink, yes but it’s good enough to give you a steady buzz with your buddies or if you’re having a one on one sesh with your girl. (She’ll like it too!)


fat pauly's desert rose


Pivo Praha’s Dark Lager – If you’re a beer enthusiast, ah! This one is for you! It’s a Czech-inspired beer, and as a beer connoisseur, you know that they have the best tasting beer on the planet. This is the perfect low buzz beer that will surely fill your belly with its caramelly malty taste, pair it with your favorite steak!


Pivo Praha's Dark lager


Fat Pauly’s Iligan Single Hop Origin Ale – If you and your buddies want to get hammered, well this beer will give you a moderate to “AARRR!!!” buzz, nuff’ said. This beer can be your biggest enemy the next day after a long drinking session with your buddies. You might experience a bad headache but you know why? This beer tastes so good and so strong, it’s better than the classic pale! You and your buddy will definitely ask for another round.


Fat Pauly's Iligan