As we all know, men experience the occasional breakouts. In fact we’re more prone to it. Our pores are larger compared to women’s. Sadly, we can’t do anything biological, it would be costly to overturn. With the help of a good skincare routine, (yes, we need it too) this can help you achieve a healthy looking skin.


Sometimes, it all boils down to what we eat and how we practice proper grooming. If you’re out and about most of the time, your skin is prone to damage by pollution. Please don’t make it a habit to touch your face because it’s causing more harm to your skin even if you think you don’t.


Bad Skin Men


With the bad traffic here in Metro Manila, sometimes it’s inevitable to commute. Why? It’s cheaper and faster (if you ride the MRT or LRT). Touching handrails can cause pimples if you touch or lean your head towards it. Are you grossed out? Good.


MRT line

LRT Philippines 2


When you get home after work, don’t skimp on taking a shower. We know how tiring it is to commute to and from work. You need to get rid of oil and gunk, which sits deep in your pores even if it’s not visible. Oh, most of all, just because you’re really tired doesn’t mean you’re excused from washing your face.


tired 2


If your girlfriend can allot a short time solely for her nightly routine, so can you. It’s easier for you because you don’t need to use a lot of skincare products compared to her!

Men Skincare Routine




A good multitasking soap is all you need. Lemniscate Deo- Lightening Soap For Men is a powerful soap that can be used for your face and body. Its fresh clean fragrance will invigorate you while fighting pimples, so if you’re currently experiencing a bad case of acne, this soap will help dry it with its skin nourishing ingredients which are Coconut Oil, Potassium Alum (to fight that funky smell), and Vitamin E for healthier skin.


Now, do all the commuting, do whatever you need to do without worrying  Lemniscate has got you back.