Okay, we get it sometimes you don’t really care what goes in your gym bag as long as you get to do what you need to do. But do you have time to freshen up? Just because you went to the gym doesn’t mean it’s an excuse for you to leave all sweaty and gross. Don’t make it a habit, it’s not good, and women don’t like it. We’ve come up with items that every men should have in their gym bag, so go ahead, start packing, it’s better to be ready!

Extra Clothing – Keep a pair of jeans and a shirt in your bag. You might want to keep these clothing stashed inside your gym bag, you never know when you need it and of course, you don’t want to wear your gym clothes after you’ve worked out and took a shower do you?

extra clothes

Trail Mix – Admit it, don’t you just wan to stuff yourself with a good old greasy cheeseburger? Well, don’t sabotage your workout routine; come on, you just came out of the gym! Have a trail mix handy better put them in a tiny jar or a zip lock bag will make the cut. It’s better to munch on something with less calories so you won’t feel guilty afterwards.

trail mix

2 Towels – A full sized towel and a face towel. Yes, You need these two items because you’ll use the face towel to wipe up your mess or maybe someone’s mess. Practice good hygiene even at the gym. Do you want to lie down on a inclined bench with someone else’s sweat? Take a shower after working out. You’ll need a full sized towel to dry yourself up.

white towels

Deodorant – Just because you went to the gym doesn’t mean you won’t reapply deodorant. Opt for a clear, gel like formula so you won’t end up with embarrassing pit stains on your shirt.


Close up of a man applying deodorant, standing in bathroom.


Razor – Going to the gym is not an excuse to be scruffy. You might need this in case you decide to take your lady out on an impromptu date. You don’t want to kiss her with a scruffy face and ruin her pretty makeup.


Soap – Use one with a multitasking property; a soap that can be used as a facial wash and an all over body soap that will eliminate sweat, control your body odor, and the most important thing, a soap that will leave you smelling good. Lemniscate brightens your complexion, gets rid of dirt, oil, and sweat. Trust us, this soap is your ultimate best friend.


Lemniscate is a multitasking soap that can be used for your face and your whole body. It has deo-lightening properties that controls oil, neutralize odor with it’s amazing shower fresh scent, while brightening your skin at the same time so you’ll leave the gym feeling fresh and clean after an intense gym session.