You and your girl might be in a steady relationship right now. But, you have to keep the flame burning right? A key to a happy relationship is to get closer on a “deeper” level. As we all know, a relationship needs effort from both parties to make it work. Especially for you, the chase doesn’t have to end just because you got her already. We’ve come up with creative ways to keep your relationship fun and keep you both on your toes.

Travel Again. We’re certain that you and your girl traveled somewhere before. Due to different circumstances, maybe time won’t permit for a little getaway. You don’t have to go out of the country. It can be as simple as spending a night at Punta Fuego for a much deserved staycation.

couple travelling


Spoil her with her favorite things. Maybe the element of surprise is gone; it’s common for those in a long-term relationship. Take her out on a mini shopping spree and make her feel like a modern day Marilyn Monroe under the arms of Joe Dimaggio!  It need not be expensive by the way.  Be creative, you can do it!


couple shopping

No matter the situation, spend extra time together. One way to establish a bond is to find time for each other. The small things that you enjoy together may no longer count as quality time. The longer your relationship is, the more you two are likely to feel like being stuck in a rut. It can be as simple as watching your favorite TV series together or a stroll in the village park. While at it, try to talk about something else aside from stresses at work.


mila kunis


Learn new things together. It can be as simple as taking a dance class together or enrolling in a short culinary course where you two can try out things you’ve never done before, together.


couple cooking together


Teach each other. Your girlfriend might be a whiz at Spanish. Ask your girlfriend to teach you the basics so you can have your own jargon for a good laugh! Maybe you’re a car fanatic, and she might not know how to drive. You can teach her to drive, it’s another way to bond and make her feel in control. Or…


iDrive GC


Maybe you can surprise her with a short driving course with the help of iDrive! Enroll her to avail of their FREE 5-hour driving lessons so you can let her experience that inimitable joy of driving.

It really doesn’t take much to re-connect with your girl. The most important thing in keeping your relationship alive is to make each other feel wanted. It’s the best feeling in the world!