No matter how good your answers were during your job interview, you might forget about your attire. During a job interview your employer is looking for someone who can be part of the team. Your answers won’t matter when you don’t look the part of the position you’re applying for especially if your job requires you to deal with people outside the company.


job interview suit


Wear a suit. No matter how dingy the office is, you must look professional. You need to convince everyone that you can be a part of their growing team by looking professional. You can never go wrong with a suit and if you feel over dressed, you can always remove your tie for a more casual look.

Don’t wear a bright colored shirt underneath your suit. You don’t want to look out of place. You need to look coordinated when wearing a suit. A neutral colored shirt works best. You can easily mix and match it with other pieces.


white shirt


Your tie will make or break your entire look. Look professional by wearing a plain neutral-colored tie. A standard width tie is your best choice for a pulled together look.


gray tie


Match the color of your shoes with your belt. You don’t want to be counted as the oddball do you? A cardinal rule when it comes to looking good while wearing a suit is simply matching your belt to your shoes.



Shave. Yes, that’s right, no matter how long it took to grow your beard, you need to shave it. A clean, close shave is more pleasing to the eyes than a scruffy looking face. Trust us, you’ll look more approachable.


man shaving


Complete your whole look with a fragrance that complements your outfit. Nothing beats a perfectly calculated outfit with a matching fragrance that smells and looks impressive like Wanted Azzaro.





wanted azzaro


A fresh, masculine fragrance, with a touch of sensuality. A few spritz on your key points is more than enough to leave a statement.

There you go! Seize the day and nail that job interview!