All gentlemen aspire to own a bespoke suit but it can be really costly. If you can afford to have a bespoke suit, go for it, it’s a good investment. You can never go wrong with something that is tailored for you. What if you can’t afford it? It’s okay to buy it off the rack, no one will notice it. Just make sure to pick one that suits your frame best. 

As mentioned earlier, if you want to look good wearing a suit, Make sure it fits. That’s a huge emphasis there. You don’t want to look awkward wearing one. When it’s the right fit, everything feels comfortable and slightly snug. You won’t look like you’re drowning in linen. Let’s get started shall we?

First, choose a well fitting dress shirt. The sleeve of your dress shirt should slightly fall below your wrist. The cuff should stay there and not beyond it. The sleeve of your dress shirt should have a split seam on your shoulders so that it’ll sit well and make you look more angular. Your shirt should taper down to your waist; it should not billow, but narrow your waist for a trimmer look. This is a sure indicator that your dress shirt is well made. Pick a color that is neutral so you can mix and match it with different pieces.

bespoke guide 1
Make sure the shoulder seam sits on the top of your shoulders even if you move.

For the coat, make sure that the length sits below your butt. Yes, all of it should be covered, if you’re buying a suit off the rack, you need to be extra careful with the fit of the shoulders. The shoulder pads should rest on the top of your shoulder. This will elongate you and won’t make you look sloppy. Don’t forget to check the collar of your shirt and your suit’s lapel, if there’s a small gap, that’s an indicator of an ill-fitting suit. Take your time trying for a perfect fit.

bespoke jacket
The jacket should fall below your butt and not above it

bespoke guide 3

Your trousers should have a flat front for a modern touch. This will make you look taller and slimmer. Your trousers’ cuffs should fall above your shoes, it should break; but not scrunched up. If you choose to wear a trouser with a pleat, wear it on your waist and not your hips.

trouser bespoke


Your tie should match the width of your lapel. Remember every little detail counts. If you want to accessorize your look a tiny bit, opt for a pocket square for a more polished look with a personal touch.

bespoke lapel guide

pocket square
You can personalize your style with a pocket square

Please don’t wear white socks underneath your shoes. And wear the right length of socks, your skin shouldn’t be seen. Make sure to match your belt with the color of your shoes; it’s a cardinal rule when wearing a suit!

bespoke socks
The skin of your ankle shouldn’t be seen when your trousers are slightly lifted above your shoes


bespoke belt
The color of your belt should match the color of your shoes

Lastly, don’t forget to spray on a classic fragrance. Choose one that matches your persona to complete your whole look! Blackwater Breeze Body Spray For Men is the perfect fragrance that will complement your entire look. Its classic fragrance will keep you smelling good, and make you feel good for that extra boost of confidence.