A plain black shirt could be the coolest, most versatile, therefore practical piece of clothing you’ll ever own. If you don’t have one, what happened?  Stand up and go to the nearest mall and buy 7.  Yes, one for each day.  Who knows, you might be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bobby Murphy (I think) or …Spongebob. Kidding.

david beckham

Busy people (and maybe “successful”l too) have very limited time to think of their day to day wardrobe, so they think of some sort of a “uniform”. So you have the greys, the whites and of course the blacks.  I’m assuming most of you reading this are asians.  In my opinion, we actually wear black the best. Most of us don’t have that alabaster complexion or the opposite. Brown skin (kayumanggi) looks best in black because the contrast to our skin tone isn’t “too loud” and it’s close to our hair color.  I’m not saying white people don’t look good in black, unless they want to highlight their faces, say for a presentation at work, or  highlight a pair of sunglasses for an ad, a black shirt will definitely not distract. If you have really fair skin, wearing black will lead the eye to your faces, that’s not a bad thing at all.


The Style could even outlive you. Remember women and their “Little Black Dress”? Men on the other hand can have the “Manly Black Shirt”. It’s sexy, mysterious, confident…with a heart (grin).  Dress it up or dress it down, it somehow makes a statement.  Wear it with a sports jacket to a smart casual event, wear it with a black vest to create texture, it looks awesome with almost anything. You can play with accessories too.


Tattooed arms? Perfect! It doesn’t look too busy and you get to highlight your tattoos. Cool isn’t it?  While an all black outfit is not bad at all, ham it up a bit for variation. Wear it with moss green chinos, blue jeans, even light grey dress pants.  Your shoes don’t have to be black. Wear dark brown dessert boots on casual days, or chestnut monk straps on dressier occasions.  Be creative.  Wear a bracelet with hues of terra cotta,  that detail will set you apart.


Some more reminders. For any shirt you wear, fit is very important. Nothing too tight and nothing too loose.  If you’re “fit”, buy ones that are a little tapered on the waist, or have your town’s top tailor taper it (wow, what word play!).  If you are a little on the heavier side, black can definitely make you look slimmer. Plain is better than shirts with distracting logos and prints. Accessorize with caution.  Lastly, have fun wearing your black shirt, dressing it up or down because you will exude this confidence, or vibe that people around you can’t ignore.