The Hair Product for Every Occasion: House of Luz Hair Pomades

Hair pomades have risen to fame and onto shelves. But what exactly are pomades?


According to James Brockbank of, pomades are usually petroleum-based, sometimes water-based, hair products that provide hold and shine to dry dull hair.


It gives the flexibility of a wax without drying out your mane and the hold of a gel without the rock solid hair. It has the versatility of being used on either wet or dry hair. Putting it on damp gives you less of a hold and more shine, while putting it on dry hair results to a stronger hold but less shine.


Pomades are like the hybrids between a wax and a gel, giving you the best of both worlds and making it the best all around hair product for different looks.


House of Luz offers a variety of handmade hair pomade brewed to perfection with natural ingredients such as beeswax and jojoba oil.


They offer 3 variants of pomade:

Light Hold comes with a relaxing lavender scent best suited for that Justin Timberlake slick-back look with high shine and reliable hold.

Light hold

Medium Hold comes with a sweet cinnamon scent that gives you a stronger hold, but less shine than the Light variant.

medium hold

Heavy Hold, their best-selling product, comes with a fresh leaf tobacco scent perfect for the high pomp look and the unruliest of hair. This pomade keeps you style fresh all day with minimal shine.

heavy hold

You can buy these pomades from their Facebook page: or Instagram: @thehouseofluz