Looking for a product to suit your gentlemanly lifestyle? Toppcock has got the product for you!

Toppcock is a local homegrown company that specializes in men’s grooming products. They aim to provide men with proper products that are especially formulated for their needs. The thing that makes them unique is that their products contain Silver Nano-particles, which makes it Anti-bacterial, fungal, and viral. And they recently released their new Pinned Hair Styling Gel and Hair Cream Paste.


Toppcock’s Pinned Hair Styling Gel (Php325) is perfect for those big bold looks you’ve been dying to try, but haven’t quite got the product to achieve it. It holds your style the whole day and gives you a natural shine. It also doesn’t leave that gross sticky feeling or any residue. It gives a stronger hold than a regular hair gel yet feels lighter on the hair.

Since it gives such a strong hold, this product is perfect for those too busy to touch-up their hair in the middle of the day. It’s also great for giving body to fine thinning hair.


The Pinned Hair Cream Paste (Php500), on the other hand, promises to give you texture and pliable hair. But don’t be fooled, it still gives a great hold. It gives you the option to restyle your mane throughout the day, whether for a touch-up or a completely new look.

This is great for those who aim for a more natural look or less shine, as it dries down to a matte finish.


Don’t you hate when hair products take FOREVER to get out? Luckily, these products also wash off easily in the shower!