A lot of people say that Valentine’s day has become a marketing ploy that brands take advantage of to earn extra heaps of money.  So does Christmas.  Halloween even. How ’bout National Friends day? Let’s face it, people want an excuse to celebrate anything.  We all have that innate need to get up, go out and socialize.  It could be for the simplest to the most complex of reasons, but according to a study on the net, it makes people feel they simply exist.  Having said that, Valentine’s day has become a valid excuse to get up, go out and socialize with that person who we call “special”.  Since you’ll do it anyway, might as well be good at it. Based on a survey conducted by Saladbox among 50 men subscribers,  before that special date, here are 5 non-negotiable things to do:


man taking a bath

Especially now that it’s cooler than usual, this gentle reminder is pertinent.  A man’s natural scent is a “no-no” on a first date.  You may not smell you, but your date surely will.  Saladbox recommends Suave’s 2-in-1 Ocean shampoo and conditioner for that no fuss hair regimen.  Don’t use a body wash intended for women because the usually floral scent will get your date to thinking.  Lemniscate soap for men is a good local brand that doesn’t mess with your scent and it removes grime from skin which in tagalog is called “libag”, effectively.




Clearly, it isn’t what you think it is.  Anyway, those months of coffee and wine drinking will definitely stain your teeth.  A quick trip to your dentist will help remove those stains.  If you can’t find time for it, at least a week prior to your date, brush your teeth properly.  Two minutes, not rigorously, but gently, reaching every nook and cranny.  That’s less a time than “Versace on the Floor”.  Saladbox recommends Pyodontyl Plus F.  This toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel with Flouride, realistically whitens after several uses, and helps maintain gum health.  Freshens breath too.  What’s a smile with ugly teeth right?




Clearly, it is exactly what you’re thinking! We’re just trying to be realistic here. YES, masturbation is key! Men are primal and will always have that need to procreate.  Most of the time, it is what drives men to do what they do because of that subliminal dictate of wanting to get laid. So, to prevent any distraction from this, a few hours before your date, yank that monkey, wonk your cronker, pump the python, tease the weasel, pound the flounder, whatever, get that one eyed snake in the hole off your mind!  But, if you really have to “get it on” with your date (mutual consent of course by two discerning adults), be safe.  Use Okamoto 0.03 Platinum condoms.  Yeah, bring two.




This is in a way connected to 1 & 2.  But, the grooming journey doesn’t end in taking a bath and brushing your teeth.  Really?!  Yes, you have to dress up right? You have to comb your hair, you have to put on that right amount of men’s perfume, and so on.  This is why Saladbox is the best partner for every gentleman.  Yeah, it may seem hard sell but it’s true!  Saladbox recommends grooming and style products bi-monthly and is delivered to your doorstep.  The website is filled with their two cents about grooming and style.  A man, who looks great, usually feels great, and their date will notice.  This month for that man scent, they have a sampler of the cult favorite Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct, For hair styling, they have The House of Luz Pomade, for face, they the porefessional line from Benefit cosmetics, for shaving, they recommend VMV hypoallergenics’ 1635 shave cream no. 3. Subtle accessories like the hematite stone ring from En Pierre and the anchor bracelet from Ginger & Aki complete a polished look that quietly says you have an eye for detail.  Subscribe to saladbox at https://saladbox.ph/subscribe/men .




Everyone wants to be treated extra well.  Since you are trying to impress, brush up on those ol’ time gentlemanly practices that will sweep your date off her (or even his) feet. Opening the door, guiding her as you cross the street while you’re on the danger side, helping her sit first when you get to your table at the restaurant, giving her your jacket when she feels cold, paying for dinner in full, among other things.  Google it, it’s all over the net.  Doing these things will surely earn you a barrel of “pogi” points.


So there you have it.  The top 5 things men need to do before a first date on Valentine’s.  Actually, not only on Valentine’s day, but every date you’re about to have.  Some added touches of roses as a token of sweetness won’t hurt either.  Don’t tell us we didn’t tell you.  Good luck and let us know what happened ok gents? Oh, and yes, easy on No. 3! :-).

P.S.  The Saladbox Man Reboot box this month contains bonus items from Blackwater Elite.