I must say I am not 100% a fan of watches before. But when I worked for a real estate company last year, I got familiar with watches and how they can be subtle status symbols. As a common belief in the office, one can wear the simplest clothes and even flip flops, but if he sports a Rolex, he must be rich. Yes, that’s one of the ways to spot a premier client.
Since then, it’s been one of my life goals – along with making my businesses the most successful ones in the country, buying my own house, getting a car, etc. – owning a good number of those timeless pieces. These watches, from Rolex to Audemars Piguet to Tag Heuer, are classic pieces that will surely stay stylish for generations to come.

Here are some pieces I’d love to buy, if I have the means currently:

Cellini Dual Time, Rolex

Rolex Cellini Dual Time
                                                                     Cellini Date Watch, Rolex
Rolex Cellini Date Watch
              Jules Audemars Chronometer with Audemars Piguet Escapement, Audemars Piguet
Jules Audemars Chronometer with Audemars Piguet Escapement
Aren’t these guys perfect for a modern gentleman?

Reality is, the watches above aren’t affordable. Good thing we can find affordable alternatives now that are both classy-looking and budget-friendly.
I’m eyeing pieces from Daniel Wellington (still high on the price point, but, man, have you seen how sleek their watches look?) and River Island (affordable and stylish pieces). How about you?