When watching the hit series Suits on Jack TV, you might be wondering how Harvey looks good every single time. Admit it, maybe you want to secretly emulate him each time you wear a suit. Hey, it’s best not to worry! You can also rock a suit ala Harvey without trying too hard. Here’s how:

Wear a classic cut suit – A classic cut suit always work best, and never goes out of style. A classic suit makes you look sharp and elegant especially when you’re someone who’s on the executive team. Or, you can look like one by simply dressing well.

harvey specter 2



Opt for a peak lapel – A peak lapel separates Harvey from his colleagues who’s usually sporting a notched lapel. It looks more formal compared to the latter, and it makes him look more powerful. It’s all about the details. If you choose to wear a peaked lapel, make sure the peak doesn’t reach your shoulders. Otherwise, it’s too much.


peaked lapel


Always wear dark, neutral colors – When you’re wearing dark colored suits, it looks formal and exudes power. (But don’t outdress your boss!) You don’t have to go over the top with wearing a head-to-toe black ensemble. You can opt for charcoal, dark blue, and the occasional brown.


harvery specter charcoal suit


Wear shirts with an italian collar – A tall, italian collar is very flattering, and looks more professional compared to the modern-fit shirts with a shorter, and narrow collar. This type of collar will hold a windsor tie properly.




Don’t wear a skinny tie – A standard width tie will perfectly suit your calculated outfit. Don’t ruin your polished look with a trendy skinny tie, it simply does not look (formal)professional.




Don’t copy Harvey’s entire look. You can incorporate his personal style with the way you wear a suit. You don’t have to look like “The Boss” because you might send off the wrong signal. Instead, work on your personal style. Use this guide to boost your confidence and emulate that can-do attitude like Harvey.


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