Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you need to skimp on getting your eyebrows done. Don’t worry, there’s a difference when it comes to men’s eyebrow grooming compared to how women get their eyebrows done. It’s a part of grooming so you won’t end up having a unibrow!

unibrow men

First, don’t touch them. It’s better to leave them to the pros. Luckily, Benefit Brow Bar also caters to men. Are you getting your brows groomed for the first time? Are you feeling hesistant? Men’s brow grooming is a simplified process compared to women’s. They won’t shape your brows ala “Instagram Brows” so you won’t leave feeling weird or looking completely different from what you’re used to. So how do they do it?

First, they map out the natural shape of your brows. Again, there’s nothing to worry about. After mapping the shape of your brows, the process begins. The Benefit Brow Artist will test the wax’s temperature on your wrist and ask if the heat is tolerable. If you’re okay with it, then she’ll start waxing.

benefit brow mapping


The entire process is pleasant to the point that it’s almost pain-free. The brow artist will walk you through each step so you know what’s going on. After waxing, she’ll show you the result: A well-groomed brows that looks natural without the weird arch, only your natural shape. If you there’s a gap, maybe she might add a little brow wax so it looks complete, nothing different. You can also skip this step if you’re not feeling comfortable with the idea of wearing a tiny amount of brow makeup.

sir paul benefit

What if you have sparse brows? No biggie. If you have sparse, thin brows it’s better to have them groomed. The overall look is a natural, subtle change and you’ll definitely want to shave to keep up with your clean looking brows. Trust us, your brows will look better after waxing. You won’t end up with a weird looking brows that’s just too done.